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High resolution image scans are available for licensing from the Manhattan Beach Historical Society. Photographs are distributed as .jpg files.

When visiting our gallery, clicking on a photograph displays a larger image and additional details including the size and dimensions of the source file image.

Email us at photographs@manhattanbeachhistorical.org if you have questions.

To order mail payment along with a list of the images you would like to:

The Manhattan Beach Historical Society

Post Office Box 3355

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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    One picture file 35.00Two picture files $28 eachThree picture files $24 eachFour picture files $22.00 eachFive picture files $20 eachSix picture files $19 eachSeven picture files $19 eachEight picture files $17 eachCustom

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    The Manhattan Beach Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations may be tax deductible.

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    Pricing for individual or low volume commercial use.

    1 $35.00 0%
    2 $28.00 21%
    3 $24.00 31%
    4 $22.00 38%
    5 $20.00 42%
    6 $19.00 46%
    8 $17.00 51%
    10 $16.00 55%
    20 $13.00 64%
    30 $11.00 69%
    50 $9.20 74%
    100 $7.20 79%