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The Manhattan Beach Historical Society began as a historical committee for the city of Manhattan Beach in October 1970. On October 20,1977, it was incorporated as a nonprofit historical society.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter plus a 10% discount on most purchases from the Society.

Your contribution is tax deductible. Please make your check payable to MBHS and mail this form to:  Manhattan Beach Historical Society, P.O. Box 3355, Manhattan Beach CA, 90266.

Membership Categories

  • Student $10. (less than 18 years old)
  • Individual $25
  • Couple $30
  • Patron $100. (eligible for free books)
  • Sponsor $200. (eligible for free books)
  • Pioneer $20. Resident of Manhattan Beach for at least 50 years
  • Associate Pioneer $20. Resident of Manhattan Beach for at least 30 years
  • Sons and Daughters of Pioneers $20. Direct descendant of 50+ year Manhattan Beach resident

Please download, complete and mail a membership application.



Under the direction of James Gill the Manhattan Beach Pioneers have formed to acknowledge special members under the umbrella of the Manhattan Beach Historical Society. Three new categories of membership have been adopted.

“Pioneer” is a 50+ year resident of Manhattan Beach, past or present. Must show addresses and years of residency.
“Associate Pioneer” a 30-50 year resident of Manhattan Beach, past or present. Must show addresses and years of residency.
“Sons and Daughters of Pioneer” a direct descendant of a Pioneer. Must show addresses and years of Pioneer’s residency.

The purpose is to share and preserve our city’s history, foster fellowship, and create more awareness of the Historical Society.

Separate quarterly meetings for Pioneers are held to congregate and share stories.

The next PIONEERS MEETING will be on January 21, 2017 at 10 a.m. at the Mira Costa Drama Room. These meetings are mainly for members in the Pioneer, Associate Pioneer, and Sons & Daughters of Pioneers categories, but all are welcome. The speaker for the Spring Pioneers meeting will be Heather Hoffman.

A small discount to the General Membership annual dues serves as a special offering to new Pioneer members of the Society. A second page to the application is required for Pioneer proof of residency. Download a Current Membership Application and become a pioneer. A special certificate for the categories is being planned.

For more information contact James Gill at

Inaugural Meeting of the Manhattan Beach Pioneers 2015

Inaugural Meeting of the Manhattan Beach Pioneers 2015


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Manhattan Beach Historical Society Quarterly Programs

Our meetings are on the fourth Saturday of the month starting at 11:00 a.m. in the 1905 historic beach cottage located in Polliwog Park at 1601 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, California. The meetings are free and the public is invited. Step back in time with us and enjoy interesting and educational programs on the history of the South Bay. Bring a friend!

GENERAL MEETINGS Schedule for 2016. Quarterly general meetings are scheduled for the fourth Saturday of the month. Meeting dates for 2016:

  • March 19, 2016
  • June 25, 2016
  • September 24, 2016
  • December 17, 2016


The next GENERAL MEETING is on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. in the Beach Cottage museum at Polliwog Park. All are welcome.

James Osborne will show a PowerPoint presentation that is entitled Overview of South Bay History. This presentation has many interesting and historic images. Jim has lived his entire life in the city of Lawndale and currently lives in the home his great-grandfather constructed in 1909. He has authored several history books including books about Lawndale, The South Bay, and The Missions of Southern California. He also serves as a member of the Lawndale City Council as well as Chairman of the South Bay Council of Governments. In addition he teaches horticulture at El Camino College and a course on South Bay history at the Dominguez Adobe.



MANHATTAN BEACH 90266 $20.00 including tax


The pictorial history book "Manhattan Beach 90266" tells the story of how we became the great city that we are today. It was published in July 1995 and has 150 photographs. The book is easy to follow and includes a chronology, demographics and index. It is a wonderful reference book and is used by many for research. It is a hard covered quality book. The photo on the cover extends to the back cover and displays a panoramic view of a large segment of Manhattan Beach. John Post, a professional photographer took the picture on March 24, 1995. It had rained the day before and it is as if one can see forever.

I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN $25.00 including tax

I'll Take Manhattan Beach Book Cover

The book, "I’ll Take Manhattan" was published in June 2000. It required three years of photography and one year of writing. The book begins with the early 1900s and travels into time to January 2000. The book has 144 pages, 250 photographs, chronology and captures the community as it was and through the turn of the century. The front cover features a 1907 Manhattan Beach Girl in her bathing suit. The back cover features two Pacific Electric trolleys traveling along the oceanfront through Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach. The Society thanks Dr. Leland Whitson for his kindness in allowing us to use his art of the trolleys for the back cover.

The books are available weekdays in the office of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce at 15th Street and Valley Drive. On weekends, they are available at the Manhattan Beach Historical Society, 1601 Manhattan Beach Boulevard. If you buy both books the total will be $40.00 instead of $45.00. The author will autograph the book upon request.

Priority Mail is two to three days delivery. Media Mail is one week to three weeks delivery. For Mail orders, call Steve Meisenholder at (310) 318-2625, or send your check to the Manhattan Beach Historical Society, P. O. Box 3355, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Please include current shipping charges.